The common need for every productive entity to publicize and disseminate the aims of its activity makes a commitment to visibility of the organization in the relevant market vital. Advertising (induced and not direct) should be aimed at all those sectors of local craftsmanship of interest to the Foundation, which have their roots in the artistic, historical and cultural tradition of Campania. We are talking about all that experience that has given and received prestige in past centuries and which can be handed down and strengthened with our intervention, allowing the spontaneous emergence on a large scale of that natural inclination, typical of every individual which consists in the transfer of their experience and knowledge to the new generations. To achieve the benefits of "visibility", the Foundation has formulated and implemented a challenging project in order to maximize knowledge, disseminate its aims and raise awareness among artisans. It was an initiative which over a two-year period involved the periodic publication in a local newspaper, in the weekly national edition, of a specific periodical column reserved for craftsmanship and edited by Francesca Mele.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • Ceramic
  • Nativity scene art, Neapolitan Shepherd
  • Corals and cameos
  • Cabinet making
  • Gulf shipbuilding - Shipwrights (Gozzi)
  • Art Of Lutherie
  • Marble workers – the Art of Scagliola
  • Fashion - tailoring - shirtmaking - leather goods - shoemaking
  • Goldsmithing
  • Fabrics - the textile production of San Leucio

It was an important, wide-ranging project for an organic, rational and massive proposition of the Foundation's activity. Project addressed to interested parties and which provided suitable stimuli for participation in the benefits and for the creation and development of human resources in the local craft sector.
The project had the merit of the diffusion and knowledge of Campania craftsmanship, the widespread awareness among the most active artisan population of the activity and merits of the Mele Foundation.

The Foundation, already very active in the driving sectors of the artisan economy, is constantly searching for new tools to identify talents to educate in the "craft", so as to be able to insert them into the job market. Both through the identification of qualified master craftsmen who teach their disciples theoretical notions and practical ones by example, and with the more demanding establishment of professional schools. In this way the young people will receive complete preparation, which will allow them to carry on the artisan activity, which is so vital for our region, in the future.
It is impossible to remain insensitive towards a reality so rich in charm, history, culture, traditions but also passion and effort as that which characterizes the world of craftsmanship. The latter is the engine that must be fueled to make Campania's economy take off.