Mele archive of particularly important historical interest.

The Mele Archive preserves the history of a bourgeois family of entrepreneurs and documents the memories of a bygone era through images and photographs, advertising posters, gadgets, correspondence with the artists and intellectuals of the time. The archive constitutes a precious and extensive heritage that collects the genesis of the Magazzini Italiani, of the society and culture of the era of 1889, the year of foundation of the large Magazzini Mele. The collection of images and documents was recently regulated by the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendence of Campania by Maria Antonietta Taglialatela.

With decree 9/2018 of 16 July 2018, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism declared it of particularly important historical interest. The archive consisting of documents and images owned by the Emiddio Mele Foundation, is preserved in the headquarters of the Mele Foundation in the Palazzo della Borghesia in Via San Carlo 26, Naples, for the benefit of scholars and historians of this lively period for the Campania region.

The archive was inventoried to give the documents their definitive disposition, then cataloged to be better accessible and easier to consult which is the very purpose for which the archive is preserved.



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